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Re: RFC: Possible (partial) solution for device persistence issue

On Wed, October 18, 2006 11:32, Geert Stappers said:
> P: /block/hda
> N: hda
> S: disk/by-id/ata-IC25N020ATMR04-0_MRG108K1HJSLPH
> S: disk/by-path/pci-0.0001f000:ata-4-ide-0:0
> I think that "by-path" is the presistent thing I want (expect that it is
> long)

I think in general the by-id path would be better since that'd still work
if you plug the harddrive into a different port on the IDE controller or
change controllers...

As udev is always installed with current d-i, the necessary change would
be to generate a fstab which uses the by-id paths instead of the "UUID="
or "LABEL=" stuff, like so:

/dev/disk/by-id/ata-IC25N020ATMR04-0_MRG108K1HJSLPH / ext3 defaults 1 1

This approach requires little to no changes to initramfs scripts which do
not (yet?) understand LABEL= and UUID= syntax (like the cryptoroot
scripts) and makes it quite simple to see which disk fstab refers to (ls
-al "/dev/long-path").

And of course I've already nagged Frans about it on IRC :)

David Härdeman

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