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Why console-setup is not migrating to testing

Hi all,

q-funk asked today on IRC if console-setup could be hinted into testing. 
The answer is: no, or at least not without some discussion first.

IIUC console-setup is intended as an eventual replacement for 
console-common and console-data, and possibly also for kbd-chooser in 
Debian Installer.

It is currently blocked for migration because it has udebs, and I have 
never let it be hinted for migration because I have no idea what those 
udebs are, what they do and how they are supposed to be used in the 

I can remember no discussion on either debian-boot or debian-devel about 
the actual implementation of console-setup in the installer, or even 
about a migration to console-setup for installed systems.
IMHO such a discussion should happen first (as the existing console-common 
is a core package), before console-setup migrates to testing.

In any case, for the installer it is now too late to make a switch to 
console-setup for Etch, and I'd prefer not to have two unused and 
untested udebs in Etch.

So, if you'd like to see console-setup in Etch, I would suggest the 
correct steps are:
- convince the project and RMs that having it in Etch would be a good
- disable the building of udebs and upload a new version without udebs.

Of course, I would be happy to see a mail on the debian-boot list 
explaining how we could switch to console-setup post-Etch and work with 
you to implement that. That's also why I suggest to disable the building 
of the udebs and not to remove it completely.


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