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Bug#391288: d-i fails to install on an optiplex 745 (no ICH8 driver)

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Op 16-10-2006 om 17:46 schreef Frans Pop:
> On Monday 16 October 2006 17:07, Jason Martens wrote:
> > I tried again with they most recent d-i daily snapshot of the hd-media
> > (and netinstall.iso).  I ran "modprobe ahci", but it still did not
> > detect the sata disks.
> That is expected as the installer has not yet switched to 2.6.18. At this 
> time it is uncertain when exactly we will do so, but it should certainly 
> be within the next month.
> Suggest you keep your eyes open for announcements.

In my opinion can the original poster do more then WAITing.
He should confirm that the working system has the ahci kernel module
loaded. If not, then should be research which is the right module
for the ICH8 SATA controller (and reported back)

Geert Stappers
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develloper and that most never will be, but all users can be contributers.

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