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Bug#393523: successful install, informational bug report

Op 16-10-2006 om 13:48 schreef Scott Fitzgerald:
> I maintain several computers in two homes, so I keep a mirror of the debian 
> mirror at MIT.edu as a filesystem and copy that from computer to computer, 
> then I install from the filesystem.  I find this practice saves MIT.edu 
> bandwidth (I only update one copy) and saves me time (a disk partition is 
> faster that a DSL modem.)  I was very upset that there was no way to install 
> from the file system, or at least there was no obvious way of doing it (I am 
> discussing a filesystem that I installed via a boot-cd to a large partition 
> before installing debian on the same disk.)  Looks like I could access an 
> intranet lan to do this, but I do not have one set up.  Being able to do this 
> would be a great wishlist item for people responsible for multiple PC's.

I suggest that you install at each "home" a local mirror of a Debian
archive. I'm happy with the programm apt-proxy (`aptitude install apt-proxy`)

> Thank You
> -- 
> Scotty Fitzgerald

Thank you for your contributions.

Geert Stappers

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