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Bug#391288: d-i fails to install on an optiplex 745 (no ICH8 driver)

Op 14-10-2006 om 12:36 schreef Jason Martens:
> Geert Stappers wrote:
> <snip>
> > If I had the Optiplex at hand,
> > I would go to VT2 and `modprobe` various SATA kernel modules.
> >
> >   
> I know that the ICH8 SATA drivers were added in 2.6.18, as I got this
> box installed using debootstrap and a kanotix live cd (which has
> 2.6.18).  After installing the base system with at 2.6.18 kernel, I was
> able to boot the box with the stock debian 2.6.18 kernel.  So, I can't
> remember right now exactly which module it is, but this is basically a
> "please add the 2.6.18 kernel to d-i" request.  Or, backport the Intel
> ICH8 SATA drivers...
> :)

Please restart the debian-installer and `modprobe ahci`
and report back if d-i does see the disks.
(no need to repartition nor re-install your computer)

That test is import. (it is not unknown when 2.6.18 goes in d-i)

Geert Stappers

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