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Re: Gtk 2.10 availability

Loïc Minier wrote:
On Sun, Sep 24, 2006, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Meanwhile, if you want to see if you can reproduce the "BOOM" bug in GTK from CVS, you can proceed as follows (you'll need a ssh terminal).
-Run gtk-demo and open the hypertext app
-Attach gdb to the process and set a breakpoint at gtk_target_table_free() and continue running -close the hypertext window with meta-c, you'll enter the gtk_target_table_free() -At some point you should get a crash in the for() loop, can you reproduce this?

 Ok, I suppose I could reach the crash and setup an initial environment
 for testing, but that's not good enough for debugging for now.  Here's
 what I did:
 - boot with a vesa framebuffer on the kernel command line
 - build gtk-demo against directfb from the gtk source:
   * fakeroot debian/rules debian/stampdir/configure-stamp-directfb
   * cd debian/tmp/build/directfb/demos/gtk-demo
   * make (should fail at the final link)
   * gcc $(pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-directfb-2.0) -o gtk-demo *.o
   * launch ./gtk-demo as root
 - I also had to setup mode= in /root/.directfbrc and capslock-meta

 So, I could launch the hypertext app, and close it with CapsLock+c.

 I still had the mouse afterwards, but I did *not* have the
 etch-a-sketch bug.  Instead, nothing else was happening, I couldn't do
 anything with the interface anymore.  I couldn't switch VT anymore.

That's *exactly* the bug i used to experience and i reported about in July, you were able to reproduce it perfectly :) I'm not 100% sure this is also the BOOM bug, but if you try running a cdebconf test application with the GTK frontend, when you click the "OK" or "BACK" button, the bug will make cdebconf hang, so i guess it's important fixing it anyway. Now that this bug has been reproduced by someone else than me too, i'll file a bugreport in GNOME's BTS.

 Since I have a single console, it's not easy to debug the graphical
 problem; perhaps there's a virtual output for DirectFB (like Xvfb)?

try adding to /etc/directfbrc this line


now you should be able to have DFB rendering into a X window.



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