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Re: Gtk 2.10 availability

Frans Pop wrote:
On Wednesday 20 September 2006 11:00, Loïc Minier wrote:

Gtk 2.10.1-1 was uploaded yesterday to experimental (and 2.10.3-1
after dinstall).  This new upstream release is not compatible with
modules built with prior Gtk versions.  Some longstanding issues have
been addressed in this release as well.

I have tested g-i with the libs currently in experimental:
- libgtk* 2.10.3-3
- libcairo udeb 1.2.4-2

Unfortunately this results in the following screenshot.

Although it is a very nice feature to be able to Etch-a-sketch with the installer (and very appropriate too), it does make installations impossible.

What happens is that on the first screen, I can use cursor keys and the mouse to select items, but as soon as I press enter or click the Continue button with the mouse, the installer freezes and I can Etch-a-sketch with the mouse.

Hey, now i remember i ran into a similar issue [1] some times ago.
I wasn't able to fix it, but i eventually concluded it was due to a memory corruption issue that affects GTK (or GLib or something else), no matter what GDK backend was used, and not the DFB backend (see gdb traces in the below thread). Such a bug causes crashes with the DFB backend and on some test machines only, but never causes crashes with the X backend, even if memory corruption could be detected with gdb. I never filed a bug into GNOME's bugzilla because no one ever was able to reproduce this bug, but if someone can manage to achieve this (Loic? :) we could file a proper bugreport to have ot fixed in next GTK release.


[1] http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-devel-list/2006-July/msg00157.html

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