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Re: Gtk 2.10 availability

Loïc Minier wrote:
On Sat, Sep 23, 2006, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

I never filed a bug into GNOME's bugzilla because no one ever was able to reproduce this bug, but if someone can manage to achieve this (Loic? :) we could file a proper bugreport to have ot fixed in next GTK release.

 I would be happy to be a test puppet, but one of the reason I requested
 testing of Gtk 2.10 + DirectFB was that I don't know how to test it.  I
 know it sounds a bit irresponsible, so I did my best to verify that I
 didn't break anything incrementally (but I still missed some stuff).

 I don't want you to lose too much time explaining me with details how
 your test environment is built, but if you could give some high level
 hints on the process you follow to test, what you test, and how you
 debug, that would be really nice.  If such a documentation already
 exist, that would be nice!

 The most effective way for me would be to be able to test binaries from
 my laptop, perhaps from a different VT.  I understand I might need to
 boot some d-i builds via the network or a CD in some cases.  I also
 have a Xen setup, it it can help in any tests, and even a VMWare
 Workstation license (didn't update the kernel modules to 2.6.17

 Thanks in advance for your help!  Please don't feel obliged to document
 this in great length, I don't want to waste *your* time.

First, the bad news: GTK 2.10.4 has a broken DFB backend, as an old bugfix [1] by Mike Emmel icluded in CVS was not relesed, so to get a working GTKDFB library you'll have to use sources form CVS HEAD. In addition to this, the bug i posted about in July still affects GTK CVS HEAD, so i think this is enough to try re-backporting from scratch the HEAD GDKDFB to 2.8.20 (current DFB backend in debian unstable is dated around May 2006). Your help in testing and debugging GTKDFB would be really useful and appreciated: what i usually do to is compiling GTKDFB with debugging symbols, and then running a GTK application like gtk-demo or the GIMP within gdb. I have no special methods to test the d-i but runing it into a chroot cage and attaching gdb at it. I know davide viti used to attach gdb to the debconf process running in qemu, but i've never done this by myself.



[1] http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/gtk%2B/gtk/Makefile.am?r1=1.315&r2=1.316

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