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Bug#384323: Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3

> I see. Personally, I also do not use console-cyrillic in my russian
> installations. The console-tools package has a set of russian fonts and
> keymaps I am pretty satisfied with. So, perhaps, one solution is to make
> console-cyrillic optional and remove it from tasks or whatever place

Maybe, yes. This is what Eugenyi decided for Ukrainian, for
instance. Bulgarian, Kazakh and Macedonian also do not use

It's activated for Belarusian and I actually fail to remember what did
motivate it (maybe Eugenyi advice....he's usually my reference when it
comes at cyrillic stuff)

> it is mentioned in the installer. But then /etc/console/boottime.keymap.gz
> and /etc/console-tools/config should be configured properly with a certain
> tool. I am not experienced with the details of how the installer works, so

Indeed, they are. Localechooser's finish-install does so but, from
Eugenyi explanations, it indeed overwrites the defaults set by the
console-cyrillic package itself.

Indeed, I see two ways to go:

-remove console-cyrillic for Russian and do just like we do for

-do NOT overwrite console-cyrillic defaults in localechooser's
finish-install script

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