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Bug#384323: Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3

severity 384323 important

Quoting Eugenyi Meshcheryakov analyzing a bug report about broken
installer in Russian:

> I tried default installation in Russian (RF) in qemu with network off, and
> console-cyrillic was installed. There was also dialogs displayed by
> console-cyrillic after tasksel were I was able to select switch keys,
> but those choices was later overwritten by localechooser's
> finish-install. That was not a problem in earlier versions of d-i
> because console-cyrillic was configured in second stage, after
> finish-install (or how it was called). But now it is confusing.
> localechooser should preseed console-cyrillic or do not try to change
> it's configuration at all. This bug is probably reproducible with all
> languages that have cyr=... in languagelist (Russian, Belarusian).

That bug is then here since....D-I beta2 IN MARCH 2006....and not a
single Russian user noticed...:-(

I find this pretty sad and this indeed shows the poor level of testing
that some language teams ad international users and developers give to
the localized installer.

It somewhat reinforces the feeling of Frans that we really should
activate languages that HAVE BEEN ACTIVELY TESTED.

I'm yelling right now because I'm quite angry. We put a lot of efforts
to allow you guys having an installer translated in all your languages
and such negligence is really desperating.

This is not addressed to you, Eugen, of course. I know that you not
only *translate* to your language but also TEST the installation in
Ukrainian. You even do properly analysis for bugs in other languages
like this one and I'm grateful to you.

I wish I could say the same for all other languages.

Thanks, Dmitry, also, for reporting this bug. There's at least one
Russian user who uses D-I in his own language I consider this bug
makes D-I currently not releasable with Russian activated.

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