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Bug#384323: Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3

On Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 10:35:13AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:

[ ... ]

> > Because the bug _is_ noticed now it is better to think of how to solve it
> > instead of yelling. Eugeniy has actually proposed some ways how to do it.
> > I hope you understand that this problem is common for all languages that
> > use console-cyrillic so that disabling just Russian in the installer will
> > not help.
> Untrue. That problem happens only for languages which use
> console-cyrillic. Ukrainian does not (probably because Eugenyi did not
>  feel that need, or for whatever else reason).

I see. Personally, I also do not use console-cyrillic in my russian
installations. The console-tools package has a set of russian fonts and
keymaps I am pretty satisfied with. So, perhaps, one solution is to make
console-cyrillic optional and remove it from tasks or whatever place
it is mentioned in the installer. But then /etc/console/boottime.keymap.gz
and /etc/console-tools/config should be configured properly with a certain
tool. I am not experienced with the details of how the installer works, so
I cannot recommend anything more detailed. I am ready to help if there
is such a need. But then you will have to explain in what ways I can do
that :)


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