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Bug#384323: Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3

> > it is mentioned in the installer. But then /etc/console/boottime.keymap.gz
> > and /etc/console-tools/config should be configured properly with a certain
> > tool. I am not experienced with the details of how the installer works, so
> Indeed, they are. Localechooser's finish-install does so but, from
> Eugenyi explanations, it indeed overwrites the defaults set by the
> console-cyrillic package itself.
> Indeed, I see two ways to go:
> -remove console-cyrillic for Russian and do just like we do for
> Ukrainian

AFAIK, console-cyrillic is just a set of cyrillic fonts, keymaps and a script
to tie them up. One thing to mention is that keymap is generated dynamically
by the script from a base keymap and a chosen method of layout switching.
That's all.

I've always wondered about why not to include all these fonts into console-data
or kbd package (not sure what is currently used in Etch)? The same can be done
with keymaps.

The feature for choosing a method for the layout switching is very useful though,
IMHO. So, may be it is reasonable to support such a feature on the D-I level for
all languages which have non-latin keyboard layout without a dedicated key for
layout switching?

That way we can get rid of console-cyrillic and make the keyboard layout managment
more generic and language independent.


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