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Bug#384323: Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3


On 8/24/06, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

Thanks, Dmitry, also, for reporting this bug. There's at least one
Russian user who uses D-I in his own language I consider this bug
makes D-I currently not releasable with Russian activated.

Let me clarify one thing. I understand the importance of localised
D-I, but I personally don't care about (and don't use) localised
(Russian) interface when primary interface language is English. On the
other hand I want to be able to type and read Russian letters in
consoles after the installation. This is bare minimum I personally
expect from D-I considering Russian language support, and this
functionality should not be tied to localisation in any way.


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