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Bug#379526: papersize is a4 for US install - should be letter

On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 06:36 +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Far be it from me to make extra work for the localization-config  
> > maintainer.  And I agree with you that locales are exactly for the  
> > purpose of setting things that depend on country and language.  I  
> > guess my problem is that (for the intended application of this  
> > system) I want a locale that says "language" is "C" and "country" is  
> > "US" -- but there is no such locale.
> en_US seems to be the closest approximation...
> Apart from the extra cruft bringed by the locales packages you would
> get by choosing English then United States, I actually would recommend
> setting the locale to en_US if you want some correct
> internationalization.
> I actually recommend closing this bug report.

Do what you want, but keep in mind that en_US, and every other natural
language locale except "C", messes with the sort collating order to
satisfy some librarian's idea of 'niceness'.   It robs me of the
simplicy and reliability of the "natural" collating order that I get
from plain old 8-bit ASCII characters.

Oh well... It's just one more thing to go on my list of stuff I have to
fix after the Debian installer gets done.



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