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Bug#379526: papersize is a4 for US install - should be letter

Package: installation-reports

Sorry! I don't know which package creates the "/etc/papersize" file, so I'm submitting this as "Package: installation-reports".

During the install process, I selected the "C" locale early on. Later, when asked, I indicated I have a US-English keyboard. I also specified US-EastCoast timezone, and in general did everything I could to indicate my location in the USA. However, when the installation was complete, I noticed that the file /etc/papersize had "a4" in it (the hard way -- by printing a long document on letter- format paper!)

Though I can understand that the "C" locale gives no clues as to where in the world I'm located, nevertheless, given my choice of keyboard, etc, I would have thought that "letter" would be more likely to be appropriate (as it is in my particular case).

Whatever part of the install process sets /etc/papersize needs to either: 1) Be sensitive to things like keyboard type, time-zone and other hints as to geographical location
2) (at least at medium priority) explicitly ask the user which paper size they prefer. This should also be pre-seed-able, to avoid asking the question a dozen times of an overworked sysadmin who finds herself installing a dozen machines at once.



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