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Bug#379526: papersize is a4 for US install - should be letter

On Jul 24, 2006, at 4:14 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:

plan is to also support en_US.

I assume this means that if I do whatever magic is required to get
en_US locale, then I'll get "letter" in /etc/papersize.  What if I
choose "C" locale?

This should be discussed with the localization-config maintainer but
that would require extra code in localization-config to not only take
the locale into account but also the chosen "country".

However my personal feeling about this is that locales are exactly
meant for that purpose: set parameters that depend on language AND

So, if you actually want a paper size adapted to your country, I'd
recommend to set the locale properly.

Far be it from me to make extra work for the localization-config maintainer. And I agree with you that locales are exactly for the purpose of setting things that depend on country and language. I guess my problem is that (for the intended application of this system) I want a locale that says "language" is "C" and "country" is "US" -- but there is no such locale.


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