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Bug#379526: papersize is a4 for US install - should be letter

> Do what you want, but keep in mind that en_US, and every other natural
> language locale except "C", messes with the sort collating order to
> satisfy some librarian's idea of 'niceness'.   It robs me of the

I would rather say that the English locales cope with the accepted
collation order of the English language, actually ISO/IEC 14651

I usually carefully avoid pretending I have better knowledge than
people working on ISO standards so I would say that it does not seem
to fit your personal preferences....but when it comes at the English
language, the standard is very probably the one which is right.

> simplicy and reliability of the "natural" collating order that I get
> from plain old 8-bit ASCII characters.
> Oh well... It's just one more thing to go on my list of stuff I have to
> fix after the Debian installer gets done.

Seems that the way to fix this is by reporting a bug against the
locales package to fix the English locales...:-).

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