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Re: libdebian-installer Packages support proposal

Colin Watson wrote:
> For cdebconf plugins, we need to be able to do something along the lines
> of this:
>   Package: cdebconf-newt-entropy
>   Provides: cdebconf-entropy
>   XB-Debconf-Frontend: newt
>   Package: partman-crypto
>   Depends: cdebconf-entropy

Package: cdebconf-frontend-newt
Provides: cdebconf-frontend

Package: cdebconf
Depends: cdebconf-frontend

Package: cdebconf-newt-entropy
Provides: cdebconf-entropy
Depends: cdebconf-frontend-newt

Package: partman-crypto
Depends: cdebconf-entropy

Wouldn't this DTRT? 

> This is analogous to the existing Kernel-Version: field.

Except that's somewhat special since it's the running kernel version..

see shy jo

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