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Re: gtk 2.0.x or 2.9+ for etch g-i ? (Was: graphics or text as default)


If i'm not wrong, current GTKDFB 2.0.9 libraries (binary .udeb and -
dev .deb) are built from a completly different source package than 
regular GTKX libraries (currently 2.8.xx in unstable, IIRC).
Standard GTK libraries used in the Debian are built with the X 
frontend, while GTK libraries used in the g-i have to be built with the 
DFB backend (now in GTK 2.9.0 and later ).
When i asked on debian-boot to upgrade to more recent GTKDFB libraries 
for the g-i, i was thinking about replacing ONLY already existing 
custom source packages and binary (u)debs for GTKDFB, as touching 
standard GTKX 2.8.x libaries managed by the gnome-team is out of 
question for me too.
Assuming that we keep the scheme of different source packages (and 
we'll have to, at least until GTK 2.10 is released) for GTKX and 
GTKDFB, is it possible delegating to the d-i team the management over 
the GTKDFB package (currently, the DFB backend to GTK is used only by 
the g-i and was also lately developed to be specifically used in the g-
i) ?.
Of course, if there is no way to update GTKDFB packages without 
updating GTKX ones too, the "localeudebs" solution proposed by Frans is 
the only way to proceed.

The main reason why i think we should switch to GTK 2.9.0 (or later 
CVS snapshot ) in the g-i is that the DFB backend contained in GTK 2.9.
x is much more stable than the one found in GTKDFB 2.0.9 (which was 
basically a standard GTK 2.0.9 set of libraries patched with the DFB 
backend taken from from directfb.org CVS repository).

GTK 2.9.x introduces a lot of new advanced features, and more recently-
written parts of code may still be buggy: luckily, the debian-
installer's GTK frontend [1] is a very simple application that makes 
exclusive use of GTK features that were introduced previously GTK 2.6 
was released.

Past experiments done with hand-made GTK udebs [2] from CVS 2006-03-26 
demonstrated it's stable enough for g-i purposes, while also giving a 
more stable background for fonts-testing.


[1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/d-
[2]  http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/GUIBuild ("Building images 
with more recent GTK+ libraries")

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