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Re: PowerPC request for help

(Still CCing as you requested that for this thread)

On Tuesday 16 May 2006 01:29, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Also, when is the debian-installer monthly meeting?

They are announced on the debian-boot list and in the wiki:

> > > (In fact I am trying to solve a d-i
> > > problem for getting floppies with 2.6 kernels, within the d-i way;
> > > so far I've gotten it to work non-d-i by using the ramdisk_xx
> > > kernel parameters, but I haven't yet managed to get a small enough
> > > initramfs).
> I should clarify that this particular note was for i386.

Ah. That is something that is also being worked on by Sylvain Ferriol. As 
I understand it he's practically got it working but is waiting for a 
klibc-udeb before we could integrate it into the installer.
If you would like more info, I'd suggest you contact him.

> I'm booking time for twice weekly, starting Wednesday.

That would be excellent.

> I don't have an alioth account, and, to be honest, I'd rather vet my
> patches, at least at first.  Either that, or have a separate branch
> that only gets merged to trunk after confirmation by an actual d-i
> person.

Fine. Just shout if you change your mind.

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