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Re: [g-i] freefont vs. dejavu

On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 09:37:51PM +1030, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> On 17/03/2006, at 10:18 PM, Davide Viti wrote:
> >Here's ([1]) a screenshot of some vietnamese text rendered
> >with the new version of freefont uploaded by Christian; does
> >it look right?
> >This version of freefont should contain all the glyphs needed to
> >render Vietnamese.
> Thanks for the screenshot, Davide. I hope it doesn't show any  
> functional part of the installer, because it's all fragments of  
> strings, not complete strings. ;)

don't worry! I just select the longest lines of text from the po file
so that native speakers (i.e. you) have a better idea of how glyphs look

> It's difficult to give detailed feedback on the font, because the  
> text in the screenshot is so small. I can say that the right accents  
> are on the right characters, so the text (when it makes sense ;) ) is  
> readable. That's the key thing. It seems to show all our glyphs.

nice: last time you pointed out it was almost unreadable because of
missing glyphs.
As for the fontsize we can increase it, so it would not be a problem.
> Some of the accents are not positioned correctly when combined:  
> should I give that detailed feedback here, or should I do that to the  
> freefont authors? (It doesn't affect meaning, but it will have users  
> in my community thinking, "Yuk, what's wrong with this font?")

Perhaps you should file a bug for the freefont authors; consider the
following though:

1) I'd like to have the new freefont as default version of freefont
for g-i (we're still in the process of switching)

2) Christian is about to upload the new version of Dejavu fonts, and
we might use those to render Vietnamese

> Our language is a challenge to font-creators, so the freefont people  
> have done well to get the glyphs represented readably.
> I have screenshots of the Verajja font compared with Lucida Grande,  
> the general-purpose Unicode font on my system, and a font created  
> especially for Vietnamese, if you would find those useful. Has  
> Verajja been integrated into Dejavu yet? I have tested the Verajja  
> font with Vietnamese, for its creator.

I'll let you have a screenshot of Vietnamese text rendered with Dejavu
as soon as the package reaches the mirrors.


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