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Re: Idea for changing the text and possibly colours of graphical d-i

Quoting Eduardo Silva (jobezone@yahoo.com):
> Hello all,
> I've thought about a better way for the graphical d-i
> to present it's text, than trough making text bold or
> italic. What do you think?
> First, the current way:
> http://www.geocities.com/jobezone/mockup-now.png
> With a few changes in the text:
> http://www.geocities.com/jobezone/mockup-then2.png

What should be done is reverting the order of the short description
("Network configuration failed") and the long description ("Your
network is...").

This is what's done in the dialog interface where, at least for notes
and error tempaltes, the short description is meant as a "box title"
or "header" and, more logically, comes first. The wording is meant
that way.

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