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Re: Idea for changing the text and possibly colours of graphical d-i

Hi Eduardo,

First my apologies for not mentioning you in the g-i announcement. You 
should have been listed there, but I forgot you.

On Sunday 04 December 2005 15:40, Eduardo Silva wrote:
> With a few changes in the text:
> http://www.geocities.com/jobezone/mockup-then2.png
> Further changes with color (experimenting):
> http://www.geocities.com/jobezone/mockup-then.png

I like the blue area in the 2nd example, but am unsure how much work that 
would be.
The red backround for the title is not good IMO as it makes the title 
"disappear" in the logo. I completely did not see it the first few times 
I looked at the mockup.

(Note: It looks like you've been using an old version of g-i for your 
example as current images have the text "Network autoconfiguration 
failed" above the other text.)

> Changes in Text Font sizes:

Playing with the font size sounds like a very good idea to me, but I think 
the font size should not be made too large for the following reasons:
- there are some very long strings and full dialogs that we should still
  be able to display without too much wrapping and scrolling;
- large fonts may not work well for all languages;
- although the current resolution is fixed at 800x600, the installer
  should possibly be able to support 640x480 too (in general IMO it
  should be able to adapt to different resolutions instead of using a
  fixed one).


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