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Re: Idea for changing the text and possibly colours of graphical d-i

--- Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:

> Hi Eduardo,
> First my apologies for not mentioning you in the g-i
> announcement. You 
> should have been listed there, but I forgot you.

That's ok, I thought that only the biggest
contributors were being mentioned, but it's nice to
know that my stuff was helpfull (and big:)).

> > Further changes with color (experimenting):
> > http://www.geocities.com/jobezone/mockup-then.png
> I like the blue area in the 2nd example, but am
> unsure how much work that 
> would be.

I don't know how gtk works, but what about a separate
text window with it's own background colour? But I'm
ignorant on these matters, and in my opinion, a lot
could be resolved just by changing the sizes of the
different sections.

> The red backround for the title is not good IMO as
> it makes the title 
> "disappear" in the logo. I completely did not see it
> the first few times 
> I looked at the mockup.

Yes, with the red debian banner, and red title banner,
it's not good... I would have prefered that I didn't
make debian's banner red, so that this problem didn't
exist. I'll think about this, and possibly try making
some different banners which could mix well with the
red title.
My idea for giving such a central look to the title
and make it stand out so much, was inspired from the
newt frontend; The title there is the window's title,
which makes sense. 

> (Note: It looks like you've been using an old
> version of g-i for your 
> example as current images have the text "Network
> autoconfiguration 
> failed" above the other text.)

Yes, It's a few weeks old. I'll need to check the
current one. 

> > Changes in Text Font sizes:
> Playing with the font size sounds like a very good
> idea to me, but I think 
> the font size should not be made too large for the
> following reasons:
> - there are some very long strings and full dialogs
> that we should still
>   be able to display without too much wrapping and
> scrolling;

I think the sizes I did were just too big. I'll try to
find an optimal size which is usable for the most
lenghty dialogs.

> - large fonts may not work well for all languages;

Oh? Damn. You mean, they would looked pixelized and
crappy? Another reason for me to try to find a smaller

> - although the current resolution is fixed at
> 800x600, the installer
>   should possibly be able to support 640x480 too (in
> general IMO it
>   should be able to adapt to different resolutions
> instead of using a
>   fixed one).

The lowest resolution that it will support is 640x480?

A possible way out of this would be to create a fixed
sized window of 640x480, create the design to fit
perfectly in that size, and all different and higher
resolutions would keep showing this 640x480 window,
with black as a background.

Nevertheless, having one inteligent design which
adapts itself and looks good in all resolutions is a
cool enough thing to try to achieve :).

Last question, with the diference of resolutions,
would any other thing of the interface change? The
banner, the icons, the text size? Or probably just the


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