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Re: GTK frontend updated, please test unofficial miniiso

On Thursday 27 October 2005 12:28, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> i've asked mike emmel if he can update GTKDFB 2.0.9 to solve
> GtkTreeView related bugs.
> I know backport does not makes sense, but i think this is the fastest
> way to get everything working without having to package tons of libs
> etc.. (i remember making gtk.so work with already existing official
> udebs took a week or so).

Hmm. How do you see the implementation of this? Would we need to ask 
Alastair to include that patch in gtk+2.0-directfb?
If the patch can be applied there, this may work. If it needs to be 
applied elsewhere (in another debian package), I doubt it will be done.

I think in principle we should ignore or work around such bugs. We should 
of course check if any problems we find are still present in 2.6.8, but 
otherwise I feel we had better list minor issues as "known problems" than 
take away valuable time from our upstream that could be spent working on 
the newer version.

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