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Re: libgtk+2.0-directfb question

Davide Viti wrote:
Hi all,

The -udeb-dev business was killed a while back. udebs should just be
built against regular -dev libraries; it makes the whole system
(especially library reduction) much simpler.

well, here's my 7am hack... so probably many steps can be optimized
The idea is to use the same sources which produce the udebs, for compiling
the libraries on the host; then use these libraries to link gtk.so

1) apt-get source gtk+2.0-directfb
2) rebuild the package (it'll produce the udeb as well). This will create
a build tree directory containing patched sources

3) cd /gtk+2.0-directfb-

export BUILDDIR=$(pwd)/d-i_build
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${BUILDDIR}/lib/pkgconfig

cd gtk+-directfb-2.0.9-2
./configure --prefix=${BUILDDIR} --with-gdktarget=directfb --without-libjpeg --without-libtiff --without-x

I've tried it and at least it compiles :)
If anyone (Attilio ?) wants to try and use this to compile gtk.so please
let me (us) know; otherwise I'll work on it this evening

i'll try it this morning and i'll tell you if it works.



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