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Re: libgtk+2.0-directfb question


Yes, I will build a -dev .deb into the next release of the package, which
I expect will be tomorrow (I'm collapsing with sleep now due to a
5 month old baby).

I'll also set the Maintainer: as debian-boot team with myself as uploader.

Davide, Attilio, do you have pointers to how you built the working
gtk-libdirectfb libs? I'll compare those with my builds and see whats


Frans Pop wrote:

Hi Alastair,

Thanks for the quick fixes As you may have seen from the mountain of posts on d-boot about the graphical installer, we now have a working build system.

Unfortunately we do not yet have a gtk.so cdebconf frontend that works with your udeb (we currently use a tarball handcrafted by Attilio instead).

Main reason is that neither Davide nor Attilio has been able to figure out how to compile the frontend against it properly.

Can you offer advice (suggest a procedure)?
Would it be possible to include a libgtk+2.0-directfb library and/or -dev package alongside the udeb that could be used to build against?


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