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Bug#331609: X-server is configured to wrong keyboard layout

reassign 331609 localization-config

> I reside in Denmark and have a Danish keyboard, but still I want the installer to speak English to me.

Rumble, rumble....

> Therfore I specify
> - Language: English
> - Country: Denmark
> - Keymap: Danish
> at the very start of the installation. This seems to work fine during the base system installation, but in the base-config after reboot, the X-server is configured to US keyboard!
> One can fix it by running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 from a tty, but I guess it is a bug anyway.
> I have seen the problem several times before with the same netinst procedure on other machines, so it seems easy to reproduce.

This can be seen as a bug in localization-config who does the dirty
magic trying to figure out the appropriate keyboard even in funky
situations where users don't want to speak their language.

Reassigning the bug.

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