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Proposed IRC meeting for the D-I team

As already discussed here, it is now probably time for the D-I team to
build plans for the future, count in the team members to have an idea
of our (wo)manpower. In short, be ready for etch releases..:-)
(and stay ready for sarge point releases).

We certainly won't deal all topics on a first meeting, especially
technical topics.

We also should remember that there will be a d-i devcamp in Helsinki
where more issues will be possible to discuss live (though I'm afraid
that, given the information I have, we will lack participants...myself
first as I'll arrive only on July 9th).

I imagined giving about one week delay for the meeting and thus
propose it for next week or next week-end.

The most appropriate hour in my eyes, given the geographical location
of possible participants, is 14.00UTC on next Saturday (June 19th),
which gives from 07:00 local time for Steve and other people in US
West Coast to 01:00/Sunday for Kenshi in Japan (and IIRC about the
same hour for people in Australia).

If too short, I propose to reschdule to Sat. 26th...but that may be
too close of D-I devcamp.

(I also wonder if Sat 19th does not conflict with LinuxTag)

There are a few people I consider absolutely mandatory for this
meeting, so we will reschedule it is they're not available. Please
forgive me if I forget to mention you and attribute this to an old
brain. I don't want to minimize anybody's work in D-I:

Joey Hess, Colin Watson, Frans Pop, Petter Reinholdtsen, myself (?)

I wanted to add Steve Langasek here but, well, he's still in his
recovery phase from the release so, Steve, don't feel forced but
you're of course highly welcomed...

Joey Schulze, as stable release manager, would also be nice to have
here around, as well as all other release managers (namely Andreas
Barth as I already cited all others, IIRC).

Of course, other people I didn't mention are also highly welcomed,
especially all of you who have contributed code to d-i in the
past/present or plan to do so in the future.

Let's first secure the thing and I'll post a wider announce (though we
might keep the announce here on purpose).

Proposed topics:

-d-i release management
-sarge branch maintenance and sarge point release management
-throw out a few *general*development plans without being too
 specific (keep this for further, more specialized, meetings)

I keep this short as I think (feel free to disagree) that these are
the main issues that need discussion ATM.

We might also need to have someone acting as a secretary to sumamrize
the meeting after it. I will do so if noone volunteers but you all
know I'm often too verbose..:-)

We will also need someone to handle IRC technical moderation. I'm OK
to do the meeting animation, but technical things with IRC like
keeping people's mouth shut when needed is above my head....Joshua
Kwan did it well when we had IRC meetings last year. It just need to
pay attention and switch the channel to read-only mode from time to time.


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