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Re: Proposed IRC meeting for the D-I team

Christian Perrier wrote:
> The most appropriate hour in my eyes, given the geographical location
> of possible participants, is 14.00UTC on next Saturday (June 19th),

Ok, I was going to call a meeting for this two hours later on the same
day, but you win. :-)

> Joey Schulze, as stable release manager, would also be nice to have
> here around, as well as all other release managers (namely Andreas
> Barth as I already cited all others, IIRC).

Well the RMs are having our own meeting, probably the next day, so I can
take things as needed to them if they don't make it.

> Proposed topics:
> -d-i release management
> -sarge branch maintenance and sarge point release management
> -throw out a few *general*development plans without being too
>  specific (keep this for further, more specialized, meetings)

  - how to get development ramped back up and attract and re-attact more
  - how to avoid breaking d-i too badly while doing unstable
    development; ie, coordinating changes

see shy jo

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