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Re: Submit Debian-Installer Manual Traditional Chinese Version (zh_TW)

> - I have now sent the log to you privately. Is there maybe an open list
>   that is used for zh_TW translation that I could send the log to instead?

Gary will certainly answer, but actually the zh_TW translation effort
seems to be handled over the debian-chinese-big5@lists.debian.org
mailing list.

> I will sometimes send information about the manual to the debian-i18n 
> list, so please make sure that at least one member of your translation 
> team is subscribed to that list (it is fairly low traffic).

Tetralet (I only know him -her?- by this name) is subscribed. He's
among the people who answered to my "pping" mail over there a few days
ago. But, of course, having Gary subscribed there would be
nice. Indeed, I'm lacking a "backup" l10n coordinator for zh_TW and it
woul dbe nice to have one.

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