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Re: Proposed IRC meeting for the D-I team

[Christian Perrier]
> There are a few people I consider absolutely mandatory for this
> meeting, so we will reschedule it is they're not available. Please
> forgive me if I forget to mention you and attribute this to an old
> brain. I don't want to minimize anybody's work in D-I:
> Joey Hess, Colin Watson, Frans Pop, Petter Reinholdtsen, myself (?)

I do not consider myself central to the d-i work any more.  I've been
too busy with all my other projects to be able to keep up.  I have a
few ideas for the future project, but am not sure if I will be able to
spend time on them.  I'll try to be present to share my knowledge and
experience, but will have a hard time making it.  I'm in transit from
Oslo to my parents place in Northern Norway in that period, and might
have made it there before the meeting starts.  I'll try to join when I
get online at my parents place.

> Proposed topics:

 - Improving the second stage (base-config), by introducing a progress
   bar and perhaps show some general installation notes while the
   packages are installed.

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