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Re: Proposed IRC meeting for the D-I team

> Joey Hess, Colin Watson, Frans Pop, Petter Reinholdtsen, myself (?)

At this moment, we're missing Colin ACK to completely secure out the
meeting schedule.

Seems that Saturday 18th at 14:00UTC is fine. Kenshi, the choice of
14:00 was meant for you. If you cannot attend or if being awake at 3am
is OK for you, please tell us *quickly* so that we use 16:00UTC which
gives the people in USA a more convenient schedule.

Colin, can you ACK (I'll try to ping you on IRC anyway)?

> Proposed topics:

I think that with Frans, Joeyh and my own topic proposal, we're
already with a full schedule.

Colin, feel free to add something to the list below but maybe just not
too in deep details:

-d-i release management
-sarge branch maintenance and sarge point release management
-how to get development ramped back up and attract and re-attact more
-how to avoid breaking d-i too badly while doing unstable
 development; ie, coordinating changes
-throw out a few *general* development plans without being too
 specific (keep this for further, more specialized, meetings)
 *keep supporting 2.4 kernel for etch?
 *2.6 installation floppies
 *2.6.11 installer
  (this could have the danger that backporting changes to Sarge for the
  2.6.8 kernel could become more tricky, but advantage is we get a
  solution for all those SATA problems)

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