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Re: Packages with "Debian" in templates

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> On Friday 03 June 2005 18:54, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Others opinions are welcome. I imagine that some people could object
> > to us slowly removing "Debian" everywhere to make the installer very
> > neutral (too neutral....or even more too "Ubuntu-friendly").
> Let's please not throw away the child with the bathwater. IMO "Debian" 
> should be kept in places where removing it could lead to confusion for 
> users. By all means use neutral wording where it is superfluous, but 
> don't make brand neutralization the primary goal.

Well, there are really important issues, that's my main point.

I therefore propose that we use a variable in case where we absolutely
cannot use neutral wording (see below). This is a compromise as we
know this will cause problems to translators (we will warn them in

"The Debian CD" becomes "Le cédérom de Debian", but "The Ubuntu CD"
becomes "Le cédérom d'Ubuntu" in French. Dunno if other languages have
the same problem, though..... French can circumvent this....

> > > Template: mirror/suite
> > > Type: select
> > > _Choices: stable, testing, unstable
> > > _Description: Debian version to install:
> > >  Debian comes in several flavors. Stable is well-tested and rarely
> > > changes. Unstable is untested and frequently changing. Testing is a
> > > middle ground, that receives many of the new versions from unstable
> > > if they are not too buggy.
> > >
> > However, we can at least use more neutral wording anyway:
> >
> > "The operating system comes in several flavors. .../..."
> I think this is wrong. Debian is much more than an "operating system". You 
> could call it "distribution", but that may be confusing as well as I see 
> ppl using the term distribution to individual releases as well.

Yep, I understand. I anyway suspected we would have problems with
these ones.

Here, the distribution name can probably be replaced by a variable:

"${DISTRIBUTION} comes in several flavors"......

DISTRIBUTION probably needs to be setup very early so that it's
available to all packages needing it.

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