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Re: Packages with "Debian" in templates

Others opinions are welcome. I imagine that some people could object
to us slowly removing "Debian" everywhere to make the installer very
neutral (too neutral....or even more too "Ubuntu-friendly").

> Template: mirror/suite
> Type: select
> _Choices: stable, testing, unstable
> _Description: Debian version to install:
>  Debian comes in several flavors. Stable is well-tested and rarely changes.
>  Unstable is untested and frequently changing. Testing is a middle ground,
>  that receives many of the new versions from unstable if they are not too
>  buggy.
> This is worse because for some distributions (Debian) it makes some
> sense to translate the suite (although I'm not entirely sure about that;
> there is a dists/stable symlink, after all), whereas for others (Ubuntu)
> it doesn't make sense to translate the suite because it's a proper noun.

First, the template wording:

Something like "Distribution flavor to install:" for the short part
seems fine to me.

In the long description, we actually cannot do that much, imho, as the
release names are in the paragraph. So, we can actually leave "Debian"
here....This means that, for this paragraph, every derived distro will
have its own translation set.

However, we can at least use more neutral wording anyway:

"The operating system comes in several flavors. .../..."

About translating the flavors names, actually 21 languages translate
them and 18 don't....

The french team (widely known to translate *everything*) finally
decided to keep the English names for the flavors. We just added the
initial capitals which make the template look nicer...:-)

IMHO, if these are translated, the original English names should be
kept for reference anyway....

> cdrom-detect has:
> Template: cdrom-detect/wrong-cd
> Type: error
> _Description: Non-Debian CD-ROM detected
>  The CD-ROM drive contains a non-Debian CD.
>  .
>  Please insert a Debian CD to continue with the installation.
> What's good wording here? "The CD-ROM drive contains a CD which cannot
> be used for installation", and "Please insert a suitable CD", perhaps?
> "Non-Debian" is inaccurate anyway, since it only tests for
> /cdrom/.disk/info, which any distribution that uses debian-cd will have.

My proposal:

_Description: Incorrect CD-ROM detected
 The CD-ROM driver contains a CD which cannot be used for
 Please insert an operating system installation CD.

(Noone will actually imagine inserting a Windows CD, right? :-))

> choose-mirror talks about "the Debian archive" or "Debian archive
> mirror" a lot. I suppose that could just be "the archive" and "archive
> mirror", maybe? Not entirely obvious.

Sounds fair to me.

> I have a local diff for part of netcfg, but I'm not sure what to do
> about this:
> Template: netcfg/no_default_route
> Type: boolean
> _Description: Continue without a default route?
>  The network autoconfiguration was successful. However, no default route
>  was set: the system does not know how to communicate with hosts on the
>  Internet. This will make it impossible to continue with the installation
>  unless you have the first official Debian CD-ROM, a 'Netinst' CD-ROM, or
>  packages available on the local network.
>  .
>  If you are unsure, you should not continue without a default route:
>  contact your local network administrator about this problem.

"first official complete CD-ROM" sounds reasonable to me. Neutral enough and
not really prone to confusion.

More generally speaking, replacing "Ubuntu" or "Debian" by "the
operating system" when possible seems to be a good compromise.

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