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help with d-i and a custom kernel


I am attempting to get netinst CDs built with the speakup
enabled kernel for Sarge using the procedure documented in
$(d-i_root)/installer/doc/custom-kernel.txt and am having
some difficulty though I have done this successfully with
d-i rc3.  I am using the svn tree from branches/sarge. 
Hopefully that is correct.  The idea is to add a speakup
and speakup26 kernel boot targets to a standard netinst CD
enabling speech output.

Anyways, the kernel build and d-i remaster went fine, as
did the CD boot process.  However, once installation is
complete, booting to the newly installed system fails
saying cannot mount the root device.  Looking at the
generated grub/menu.lst, the initrd line isn't present, and
upon further investigation, modutils or module-init-tools
in the case of 2.6 didn't get installed with the base
system.  If I chrooted to the new installation, installed
the modutils deb, ran mkinitrd and update-grub, the new
system boots correctly.

My question, does anyone have an idea as to where I should
be looking to see that modutils gets pulled in with the
base system?  The deb is on the cd but I can't figure where
d-i is actually selecting base packages to be installed. 
Should the newly built kernel-image package depend on

Thanks in advance,

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