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Re: Status of the sarge branch?

On Tuesday 05 April 2005 23:37, Joey Hess wrote:
> I think that releasing from sarge makes sense now.

But merging changes from trunk to sarge will still be possible even if you 
release from sarge.
If a diff that is merged from trunk contains any kind of translation 
updates, that would break the master PO file mechanism. This was the 
reason the update scripts had to be disabled for RC3.

So, if we keep the master PO file mechanism, I think we should always 
exclude any changes in translations when merging changes from trunk.
These should be applied separately to the master PO files (and individual 
PO files for languages not using the master files).

Also translators should be told to *never* copy the entire master file 
from trunk to "also update the sarge branch" from now on.

IMHO we would significantly reduce the risk of errors if we drop the use 
of master files in the sarge branch.


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