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Re: Status of the sarge branch?

Christian Perrier wrote:
> OK. Then I consider re-generating the master PO files in the next
> days. They will be first updated from the individual packages PO
> files, then merged with the master PO files from the unstable branch.
> If this is made carefully (my duty..:-))), this should not break
> existing translations.
> However, for sure, this will change individual PO files in d-i
> packages from the sarge branch. Most often because, in the meantime,
> some translators did QA on unstable.
> The key question is thus indeed : what will we release from, starting
> from now?
> If a package needs an update for whatever reason, will we first commit
> the change to the sarge branch, then release from there?
> Or is there a chance that a package is released from unstable, then
> moved to testing, then updated in the sarge branch?
> This changes the message I will give to translators:
> -in the first case, I can tell them they can treat both branches as
> completely separate branches
> -in the latter case, I have to tell them that *any* change which is
> made to sarge MUST be made also in unstable if the relevant string is
> in both versions
> My own advice is that we should probably start by releasing only from
> sarge, but I may miss several information to make a really motivated
> advice.

I think that releasing from sarge makes sense now.

see shy jo

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