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Updates about the development of a gtk frontend for the debian-installer

Hi everybody

i've worked a lot on the gtk frontend in the last days and now it's starting to work correctly (it no longer crashes and back and fw mechanism works correctly); by the way i've also modified the "help" mechanism: now descriptions about commands are shown in a text_view widget in the bottom part of the screen. I'm now working on the progress bar: while tracking down the order of the calls to gtk_progres_*()( those made by netconfig when the dhcp client runs ) i've noticed two strange things:

- gtk_progress_set() is called before gtk_progress_start()
- the "max" value passed to gtk_progress_start() is -1073743944

could someone please explain to me why those strange things happen?




by the way, has someone discovered why the modifications to the next and prev pointers in the question list i wrote about in my last thread made the frontend work?

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