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Status of the sarge branch?

What is the current status of the sarge branch ?

Is it synced with what we really have in RC3 (at least for the
initrds) or does it still need some synchronisation.

I guess that forking all D-I packages as soon as sarge is released
will be needed but maybe other plans are possible.

My main concern is the way to handle l10n.

We recently talked about removal of packages/po/* in the sarge branch
to avoid confusion (no sync is currently made from these files anyway)
and I think it's still likely to be made.

After all no change or addition of English strings are to be made
post-sarge so there is no real point in the central master files, at
least to gather the original strings.

However, translators may find typos and errors in the sarge
translations and these are good candidates to be fixed in later
releases of the sarge installer (if we plan to make releases from time
to time). We have to give them an easy way to correct these.

One solution is asking translators to make corrections directly in
individual packages POs.

Another is keeping the master files and sync the packages PO files
from them from time to time. Thus translators still only need to
update the master files.


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