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Re: [D-I] Automatic spellcheck of po files

> Is Finnish planned to be included?

It will as soon as things will be more stable and I'll have some time
to experiment.
Here's the story which explains why Finnish is not supported (in case you
were interested):

When I first set up the spellchecking system, I did that on my Sarge
box and I installed all the dictionaries available, including
aspell-fi.  Since on my machine I cannot guarantee a daily report, I
had to make things work on a public server: Alioth.
Alioth runs Woody and aspell is not installed; besides that, the version
of aspell available for woody is VERY old and the number of dictionaries
is limited to very few (less than 10).

I had to rebuild a recent version of aspell on alioth, along with the
dictionaries: I used the same version of aspell (0.50.5) used in Sarge
(and Sid) and grabbed all the dictionaries I could.


is the only version of Finnish dictionary available on the GNU website
and is meant to be used with aspel 0.60.x; I tried to give it a go
with aspell 0.50.5 but it obviously fails to build.  I then tried to
get the deb source package to see how the maintainer got it working
for Sarge but I gave up... at this stage I am too busy fixing other
things.  I tried to compile aspell 0.60.1 on woody and it worked: I
also tried to compile the Finnish dictionary which worked
too... problem was that spellchecking was somehow broken on some
languages: that's why I prefered to stick on aspell-0.50.5.  Now
apell-0.60.2 has been released and I read somewhere that fixes
problems when run with certain langs... it could be our case...it's
just a matter of time but I'll give it a go asap.

In the meanwhile you can see the reports for Finnish I obtained a
while back on the old and *not maintained anymore* website (which will
probably disappear):



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