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[D-I] Result of the "poll" : how to organise communication among Debian Installer translators

In mid-December, I initiated a mini-poll among registered d-i
translators (indeed people I have in my own records, registered as
"coordinator" for each language).

The purpose was trying to figure out what would be the best way to
communicate together.

I started this because I knew that several translators were not
following debian-boot and I was pretty sure that some didn't follow
debian-i18n as well.

So, as you may imagine, being sure to reach all D-I translators was
indeed giving me and Dennis Stampfer some headaches.

The original text of the poll was first sent to a huge CC list of
translators, then a second time to a more restricted list for those
who didn't answer already and finally a third time by sending mails
one by one.


Number of languages concerned: 48
Number of answers received   : 36
Missing answers              : bs fa gl hu ko lv nb ro sr sv zh_TW af

Question 1: are you subscribed to debian-boot?
YES: 22
NO : 14

Question 2: are you subscribed to debian-boot?
YES: 27 
NO :  9

Question 3: do you consider yourself the coordinator for your
YES: 34.5 (fi translator considers he shares the coordination)
NO :  1.5 (only id)

Question 4: if answering NO to 3), can you mention me who may
            be viewed as the coordinator?

Arief, who answered for Indonesian, re-gave me Parlin Imanuel Toh as
coordinator. Parlin did not answer my mail, but one may understand
that our freinds from Indonesia have other things in their mind

Question 6: do you work with a translation team?
YES: 29 (several are more general l10n teams)
NO :  7

Question 7: Would you consider requiring that all coordinators 
           are subscribed to debian-i18n acceptable?
YES: 33.5 
NO :  2.5

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