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Re: [D-I] Result of the 'poll' : how to organise communication among Debian Installer translators

On Sab, 15 Januari 2005, 2:13, Christian Perrier berkata:

> Question 3: do you consider yourself the coordinator for your
> language? YES: 34.5 (fi translator considers he shares the coordination)
> NO :  1.5 (only id)
> Question 4: if answering NO to 3), can you mention me who may
> be viewed as the coordinator?
> Arief, who answered for Indonesian, re-gave me Parlin Imanuel Toh as
> coordinator. Parlin did not answer my mail, but one may understand that our
> freinds from Indonesia have other things in their mind actually.
FYI, I have a friend of mine drom Aceh. I still don't know about her until
this  day when I met with another friend. He told me that he got a news from
some mailing list he subscribed that she is one of the missing victims who
noone knows about. This is really the worst news I've heard this day. I hope
that she somehow could survive in some place from the catastrophe in Aceh.

However, just like many great person said: "No matter what's happened, there
must be at least one person who can survive to make the show going on", I now
can "retake" the coordinator seat for the Indonesian Team. The problem I
really face right know is that I only got reply from Samik and I Gde wijaya.
Parlin didn't answered my mail too. Samik seems really very busy right now and
cannot involve with the team. Hence, I only have one man in hand.

Currently, we are using debian-l10n-id at gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id as the "Team"
list. I Gde Wijaya has subcribe to the list this day using new email address
(gwijayas at gmail.com). I've no Internet connection at home and used the
computer in my campus to get connected. Unfortunately, this is behind the very
restricted University's firewall. So, the only way to communicate is via

Is there any place to send the translated po beside send it directly to
Christian?? I won't fill out his mailbox with my mail ;). Or, just send to
this list is enough?

Arief S Fitrianto
Departemen Fisika Universitas Indonesia

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