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[D-I] More conclusions of the poll

Below are additional conclusions from the i18n poll. I didn't want to
onclude them in the former mail which was long enough... but they may
be of some interest for people and anyway they deserve to be archived.

-better view of the places for contacts

 I grabbed a few more adresses for "backup" people for some languages
 as well as adresses of translation "team" mailing lists. These may
 become practical in case the registered translator vanishes.

 Unfortunately, several of these lists seem to have a "closed" posting
 policy which may be a problem. I've subscribed to some of these but,
 the more languages we get, the more impossible this becomes.

 So, please work in getting the posting policy switched to at least
 "moderated for non subscribers" if you can. This is of course not a
 problem for Debian lists where posting is nearly always opened.

-"dead"/frozen contacts

 I'm a bit worried about the situation for some languages, mostly
 those for which I didn't get an answer in this poll, despite the very
 long delay I gave and the 3 reminders I sent. Let me check this one
 by one:

ko (Korean)    Changwoo Ryu is the only translator I know of. He's a
	       Debian Developer but recent months haven't seen
	       activity from him and several mails I sent for calling
	       for updates haven't got any answer
	       No l10n team know...I'm "Lost in Translation"...
	       Level of worryness: very high
fa (Persian) : I now consider the coordination seat vacant and the
               translation effort stucked
               Arash did not answer to my mails since months
	       Ossama Khayat from Arabeyes is trying to bring his
	       brother in for taking over this job but this will
	       probably need some time.
	       Some technical issues (missing characters) still have
	       to be solved
	       Level of worryness: high

gl (Galician): Hector Fernandez is still active in general gl l10n
	       (I'm subscribed to the gl l10n mailing list) but does
	       not gives news to me anymore
	       Level of worryness: high

bs (Bosnian) : the translator (Safir Secerovic) is in the army
               (Military Service) and will be more available "soon".
               He unfortunately has a very loosy way to communicate
	       because no Internet access at home.
               Active mailing list which I'm subscribed to
               Level of worryness: medium

lv (Latvian)   Aigarius, also a DD, does not give news much often. The
	       lv translation is still early and he sometimes
	       indicated me that he hasn't much time for it
	       Maybe finding more manpower would be good
	       Level of worryness: medium

hu (Hungarian) Istvan Verok is usually active. This poll is the first
	       time I see no reaction from him. I'm missing some
	       backup for hu
	       I expect to see him back in soon
	       Level of worryness: low

zh_TW          "Tetralet" which I know only by this nickname
 (Trad.        has always ben careful in fixing his translations
  Chinese)     but not often responsive to my mails.
	       There are some signs of news contacts which make me
	       confident in building a stronger infrastructure
	       for this, involving Tetralet as well as other people
	       Level of worryness: low

nb (Norw. Bok) Noone answered to my poll bu I don't worry at all
	       indeed. The Norwegian translators work as a strong team
	       inside Skolelinux and I have either Havard Korsvoll
	       and Petter Reinholdtsen as good contacts. Bjorn
	       Steensrun is active and other people are here.
	       Level of worryness: null

ro (Romanian)  Mostly mail exchanges problems with Eddy Petrisor
	       He changes his mail addresses quite often and I'm
	       having hard times to follow him..:-)
	       The activity is here though and I'm confident about the
	       Level of worryness: null

sv (Swedish)   Per Olofson took over the job from André Dahlqvist
	       several months ago. He's active at maintaining his
	       translations and probably just missed the poll or
	       didn't want to answer to it
	       Level of worryness: null

af (Afrikaans) Only initial contacts with Andrea Lindenberg
	       He just mentions me he gives up so the translation,
	       which never really started, is now abandoned
	       Level of worryness: N/A

sr (Serbian)   The translation inded never really started. Alex made
	       initial contacts but gave no news since then
	       I consider this translation abandoned and seek for translators
	       Level of worryness: N/A


Number of languages concerned: 48
Number of answers received   : 36
Missing answers              : bs fa gl hu ko lv nb ro sr sv zh_TW af

Question 1: are you subscribed to debian-boot?
YES: 22
NO : 14

Question 2: are you subscribed to debian-boot?
YES: 27 
NO :  9

Question 3: do you consider yourself the coordinator for your
YES: 34.5 (fi translator considers he shares the coordination)
NO :  1.5 (only id)

Question 4: if answering NO to 3), can you mention me who may
            be viewed as the coordinator?

Arief, who answered for Indonesian, re-gave me Parlin Imanuel Toh as
coordinator. Parlin did not answer my mail, but one may understand
that our freinds from Indonesia have other things in their mind

Question 6: do you work with a translation team?
YES: 29 (several are more general l10n teams)
NO :  7

Question 7: Would you consider requiring that all coordinators 
           are subscribed to debian-i18n acceptable?
YES: 33.5 
NO :  2.5

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