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[D-I] How to organise communication among Debian Installer translators

(Please reply preferably to debian-i18n. No group reply)

The poll results clearly show some conclusions to be drawn:

-debian-boot is not the appropriate place for handling communication
 with Debian Installer translators

 A common feeling is that the mailing list is a high traffic mailing
 list and that i18n/l10n discussions are lost there.

 Several translators still follow it, mostly often those of us who are
 involved in technical parts of i18n. However, we can't request people
 who came in this project to subscribe to it, because most of them
 are already involved in several other projects and don't want to deal
 with another high-traffic list.

-debian-i18n IS the appropriate place

 The answer to question 2 is clear : 3/4 of the d-i translators 
 ALREADY follow this list.

 The answer to question 7 completes the picture : nearly all answers
 mention that "requiring" to follow -i18n is an acceptable
 policy. Some mention this is OK as long as the list traffic stays

 Only two people objected to this proposed policy and I think I can
 manage to convince them by just saying it has now become impossible
 for Dennis and me to deal with too much ways of communicating with
 Debian Installer translators.

 The debian-i18n list IS a low traffic list and addig D-I related
 communication as long as this pertains to i18n/l10n shouldn't add
 much traffic. The rest of the traffic in the list is often about
 "calls for translations" by Debian Developers, which may interest
 some d-i translators anyway. Other traffic come from technical
 discussions from time to time and these also may interest d-i
 translators as well.

So, I propose that the communication towards Debian Installer
translators be made ONLY through the debian-i18n mailing list. If
no-one strongly objects, this will be applied starting from February
1st 2005.

Mails about Debian Installer should be prepended with "[D-I]" to allow
easy reading of the list for people only interested in D-I related issues.

In the meantime, notices will be CC'ed to translators who did not yet
indicate they are subscribed to debian-i18n (just like this mail
is). Please subscribe as soon as possible and just tell me so that I
shorten the CC list.

Debian mailing list server : http://lists.debian.org
debian-i18n page : http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n

If this adds too much traffic to debian-i18n, then we will have a good
justification for requesting the creation of debian-boot-i18n.

Thanks for your attention and keep up the good work.

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