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Re: Desktop task broken on !(i386/powerpc)

[Sven Luther]
> Do you really think that anyone installing debian will be baffled
> when asked to choose between the gnome or KDE desktop ? Do you
> seriously believe that ?

Yes, I seriously believe that.  I'm involved in the debian-edu
subproject, and we try to make Debian available for all pupils and
students during education.  Several of the teachers responsible for
setting up the computer network at their local school will be
seriously baffled when asked to choose between gnome and kde.

> I bet those people will probably be more confused by the various
> server tasks.

Absolutely.  Which is why I try to encurrage redusing the amount of
questions during first time install, and hide the complexity and
flexibility from "common" users view, to reduce the cognitive strain
on the first time debian users.  Us experts will find the options

> And you think it is easier for them to discover the KDE desktop once
> they have GDM running ? What do you imagine our current disk
> requirements are ?

I do not believe these users _care_ if they get the KDE or gnome
desktop.  I have no idea what you mean by "our current disk

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