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Re: Desktop task broken on !(i386/powerpc)

> FWIW, this is exactly the way Mandrake does this and it's quite 
> successful for new users...
> Personally I would be in favour of such an approach.

As already mentioned, the main problem is certainly that we all did
not pay enough attention to this tasksel thing during the last months,
while we still had the opportunity of "playing" with it.

Our now famous "Bob User" will for sure never use the method suggested
by Joey for choosing tasks. And, yes, I've already hearde about some
Bob Users complaining about the desktop tasks installing too much
stuff (my own son comes first as he first reserved only about 1.5GB
for his first Debian install....and then filled his hard disk with the
desktop task...:-))).

The Simple/KDE/Gnome approach seems reasonable to me as well.

However, for this to happen, we need to help Joey with tasksel. He did
nearly all the job on this in the last 12/18 months...

So, branching it is probably the first thing to do (there used to be a
"newtasksel" thing somewhere at some time, IIRC) so that "breaking" it
has less consequences.

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