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Re: Desktop task broken on !(i386/powerpc)

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Our now famous "Bob User" will for sure never use the method suggested
> by Joey for choosing tasks.

I think you're being inconsistent in your definition of "Bob user". Bob
as been someone we don't bother with little details like disk
partitioning, but he's expected to know how to choose between kde and

> So, branching it is probably the first thing to do (there used to be a
> "newtasksel" thing somewhere at some time, IIRC) so that "breaking" it
> has less consequences.

As I told you in an earlier (I think private) mail, we cannot branch
tasksel and change tasks and expect the branch to be reflected in the
archive without some ftp-master involement. If you do this the naive way
you will end up destabalising sarge.

see shy jo

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