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Bug#283233: base-config: Adding the first user to the "plugdev" group

Martin Pitt wrote:
> I thought it already does?

No, it only adds the first user to several existing groups.

> In Ubuntu we just create the needed groups in base-config straight
> away (lpadmin, plugdev, and scanner; we use plugdev for cameras as
> well). Isn't that desirable for Debian? I know the technical
> difference between static groups like sound and dynamic groups like
> plugdev, however, from the user's POV there is not a really
> fundamental difference between these concepts.

By adding groups to the base system, base-config would be enroaching
quite a lot on the territory of the passwd and base-passwd packages. I'd
really rather not do that. I added the existing first user group
membership code as a quick fix because passwd's maintainer is holding
out for some kind of more perfect solution in bug #166718. This will be
removed from base-config in etch (if necessary, it will be re-referred
to the techinal committed, which punted on the issue before), and was
not intended as the start of a slippery slope that would end up with
base-config responsible for creating a random set of groups on the system.

see shy jo

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