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Bug#283233: base-config: Adding the first user to the "plugdev" group


Josselin Mouette [2004-11-27 13:52 +0100]:
> Package: base-config
> Severity: wishlist
> Using the recently-introduced pmount, it is possible for a user to mount
> USB volumes without any tweaking in the fstab. However, it needs the
> user to be added to the "plugdev" group. Could you do it like it is
> already the case for cdrom, audio and video?

Seconded :-)

It should be noted that the first user should be put into group
'camera' as well.

> I don't know whether this is possible at installation time; the group
> probably needs to be also created at that time. 

Sure. We do this in Ubuntu for quite some time now without any

Joey, do you think this change can go into Sarge? It's a very
unintrusive one.



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